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25 January 2013

The arrival of Jamster

I always wanted my children close in age so when I discovered that I was pregnant 15 months after Minxy was born I was thrilled... he was due Minxy's due date and birthday too! 

I didn't feel pregnant for quite some time despite the positive pregnancy tests and it took the 12 week scan and seeing him wriggling around to believe it! It wasn't long after this that the nausea kicked in and the butterfly like feelings began in my tummy though.

Bump at 31+4

After my first hospital birth experience I knew from the start I wanted a home birth so I planned for one right from the beginning. There were no difficulties during my pregnancy and it seemed to fly by.

11 days before his due date I woke at 2am with some mild pains but I thought it must be braxton hicks as I still had almost a fortnight night to go. I went for a bath but the pains worsened and became very intense very quickly. I started to be sick with most contractions so my partner called the midwife out. She seemed rather chilled on the phone, perhaps not wishing to get out of bed, and was adamant it would be hours before Jamster made an appearance despite me telling her how things were progressing very quickly. 

With the urge to push after the call ended I called my mum to come over to look after Minxy (who was now awake and in the same room) and 999 for a paramedic to assist. We were guided over the phone on how to deliver Jamster and sat on the en-suite floor Jamster arrived, in the sac, just as the paramedic arrived in the ambulance. The paramedic cut open the sac (a very surreal experience with what looked like a water balloon) and Jamster was born - only 2 hours 36 mins after my first pain, and he was placed on me to hold. Shortly after 2 more paramedics arrived and my mum and dad, who were  both shocked to see Jamster had been born so quickly! 

He was tiny at 6lb 14 and half ounces. I was rather ill after birth and continued to be sick for several hours so the rest of the day is a bit of a blur although I do recall how lovely it was getting into my own bed with my new bundle for cuddles and feeds.

I'd like to think on day I can sway the Mr to have a baby but it's not looking promising after 3 years of asking and him sticking with no. I'm happy with my two but I'd love just one more!

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  1. So cute! My second was a lot faster than my first too which was scary and unexpected LOL I keep trying to convince my OH to have another. You never know!

  2. Every birth story I read, I always get goosebumps and this didn't fail!

    Lovely story


  3. wow Emma I never knew that how sweet K was 3 hours and I thought that was quick x

  4. Wow, what a story! I'm so thankful everything turned out fine. I would have been so angry with that midwife! My second was quick too, barely made it to the hospital and just whisked off to the delivery room once I got there. Hope your hubby will agree to another. Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday @ Seaside Simplicity. I'm off to visit the other Flashback Friday that just learned about here!

  5. wow how amazing to have a home birth and do it all alone without any pain relief and no medical staff on standby!! wow just wow! well done you. what a cutie he was too awww maybe your Mr will change his mind one day soon - good luck xx

  6. What a sweet little one!! what a story though! Glad it all worked out in the end!


  7. What a wonderful story - would've loved a home birth! Xx


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