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30 January 2013

Family bonds - The Gallery

Our family (excuse Minxy pulling a crazy face!)

Family is the strong tie,
That holds you to the ground.
When it seems that you have lost,
All that you had found.

They are the rock that holds you down,
When you start to float away,
And they can turn your life around,
When you go astray.

They are the friends that you are born with,
They are with you 'till the end,
And when life treats you rough,
Your broken heart they will mend.

Although sometimes you may fuss and fight,
And may not always agree,
In the dark, they are the light,
That shows the path so you can see.

The theme this week is Bond.



  1. Lovely, lovely words... and Minxy's face is priceless! ;) You have a wonderful family.

  2. Lovely poem - so true, just sums it up I think. Lovely pic too!

  3. Beautiful poem. And great photo too!

  4. Great family portrait and very true words! :)

  5. Minxy is awesome! How cool is she?! Lovely picture of you all though and thanks for popping by mine.

  6. Lovely family photo (despite the funny face).

  7. Beautiful poem, to compliment a beautiful picture (one to blow up for her 18th I think)

  8. What a great photo and such a fab poem.


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