21 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday

The Mr did the food shop alone this week and selected the meals himself while I enjoyed a lovely lay in Saturday morning! 

This weeks planner...

Slow cooked lamb stew and dumplings
Sausage pasta bake
Toad in the hole
Fish, jacket potatoes and veg
Pizza, salad and garlic bread

I'm going to make next weeks planner a little more exciting with some new meals to try!

Last week I didn't get round to making any soup but there will be some simmering away later today in the slow cooker to go along with some thick, crusty bread - mmm!

I did however make Whoopie Pies which survived for around 12 hours before they had all magically disappeared!

What's on your menu this week?

Meal Planning Monday
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  1. All of your meals sound delicious! I'm determined to try and make whoopie pies one day, are they difficult?

    1. Very easy, the Mini Mes helped with these and pretty much did it all! If you click the words it will take you to the recipe :) x

  2. The whoopie pies look nice. Seriously considering letting my husband do the meals in a week's time. Who does the cooking, though?

    1. I tend to do it most nights as he isn't home til 5.40 ish and we all eat together as a family when he gets in but he definitely does and can cook :) x

  3. Sounds delicious and those whoppie pies are huge!

  4. E: WHAT'S THAT!?
    Me: Whoopie Pies, they look nice don't they?

    Haha. Love sausage pasta bake - inspired!

  5. You had me drooling at slow cooked lamb...mmmm. Thanks for joining in!


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