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23 January 2013

Protect your family finances - First4Lawyers

I still remember my car crash like it was yesterday; I was 6 months pregnant with Jamster and had Minxy aged just 20 months old in the backseats. It was an incredibly frightening experience for us all. A car had cut across my lane incorrectly and ploughed into my side door, ramming my vehicle off the road and up an embankment. It was written-off due to the severity of the damage and it took some quite some time after to recover from the shock and injuries too.

Source Daily Mail
I received cognitive behavioural therapy for my anxiety and I developed OCD. I had to have extra scans to ensure my unborn child was safe and I had pains in my back which resulted in regular doses of medication and difficulty in carrying out my daily chores. The damage definitely went beyond the car. Thankfully I wasn't working at the time as I had Minxy to care for so I could rest. However, had this of been my partner, in full time employment, we may have been in some difficulty when it came to our family finances.

If you have an injury your employer is likely to pay statuary pay which is often considerably less than your standard income. You may not be able to pay your bills and in the long run this can lead to a lot of stress that you just don't need when recovery from an accident where you weren't to blame. Even the rich and famous have accidents that aren't their fault, including Cheryl Cole only just last year; - it can happen to us all!

If you have had an accident you may wish to seek advice on how to make a personal injury claim and a company like First4lawyers Milton Keynes will be able to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. You don't need to struggle and worry about how you will pay your rent and buy your food and you shouldn't have to.


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