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18 January 2013

The arrival of Minxy: Becoming a mum

She wasn't planned as such but at the same time I wasn't doing a lot to prevent pregnancy either. I had just turned 18 when I saw 'Pregnant' appear on the Clear Blue test in the toilet at Tesco, I was too impatient to wait to get home! I called my partner at the time (we had been together since I was 13) to tell him of the news with his auntie at my side. Shock hit him hard but he knew it was a possibility and both in full time employment we were prepared for parenthood.

The pregnancy seemed to fly by. I kept the first 17 weeks secret from everyone as I was so anxious how family and friends would take the news and I passed my sister a note to give to my mum one morning to break it to her. My bump was now too big too hide. She called me at work crying with a combination of fear and excitement at the idea she would be a grandma in her early 40's!

I left work at 37 weeks after a trip to hospital with suspected pre-eclampsia; my legs were like balloons, skin itchy and I had vision blurred with a severe migraine so I was monitored for a day before heading to our new 2 bedroom home to relax until labour.

From 5th April 2004 I had quite painful contractions on and off. I was checked over a few times yet nothing was happening and I was left feeling tired and uncomfortable. On 8th April at 2pm my waters went during a nap on the sofa. There was a huge gush and it came as such a shock as it was her actual due date, only 5% arrive on there EDD.

I went to hospital yet again and was told nothing was happening and to rest but upon arriving home, only 15 minutes away, I was in agony and felt the urge to push. We rushed back to the labour ward, a porter pulled up a wheelchair as I scrambled out of the car and I headed inside. I was told I was fully dilated (0-10 in less than an hour) and given the go to push but nothing really happened for some time and my contractions stopped. There was a lot of talk between staff that I should not have been sent home after my waters went but I was put on a drip to hopefully start my contractions again.

Time ticked on, I was monitored and Minxy's heart rate started to drop. My contractions did build up again and I was adamant that I didn't want a C-section. I was taken to theatre and offered a last chance to push her out myself, I think they knew how panicked I was at the idea of surgery so they gave me an extra opportunity. With the help of forceps, ventouse and an episiotomy Minxy arrived at 11.51pm weighing 8lb 4oz. I stayed awake all night admiring her and the following day I returned home as a mummy.

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  1. Wow that was quick! Minxy must have wanted to come on her due date too lol! I told my mum I was pregnant at the age of 21 and that was scary. I don't think it gets any easier...probably cause it means admiting to your parents you're having sex LOL

  2. What a lovely story! Glad to hear it all went fine even though you were so young! I remember me being 18 and I don't think I could be so brave and mature back then!

  3. Wow I was surprised that you were sent home after your waters broke too especially as you had been having contractions of a few days prior. And what a lot off help you had to help get her out on her due date. Brilliant birth story I do love reading them. Burton was born three hours after his due date passed I think had I not had a bath in the afternoon he would have though as that bath slower everything down for about three hours!!
    Gorgeous photo too
    Thanks for linking up x x


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