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14 January 2013

Weigh in #2

After a week of long walks with the dog, aerobics in my lounge and calorie counting I was looking forward to getting on the scales this morning. I felt positive for the first time in what felt like forever that when I stepped on the Wii fit board to see the damage it wouldn't say 'one at a time please' to me in horror. 

I have lost 3lb this week and I am very pleased with that.

I still had the odd treat like a few mini eggs and a can of coke here and there as I find if I deprive myself completely I will have a massive binge eating session and raid the fridge like Pac-man! I've found it's all about moderation and the odd slice of cake is acceptable if I have put the effort in 95% of the time and burnt some calories off too exercising.

How have you done this week?
What motivates you?


  1. Congrats on your weight loss! Way to go!! x

  2. That's a fantastic weight loss for a week, well done. Good luck for next week x

    1. P.S. Thanks for joining in the linky, the code is on my blog if you want to add it to your blog :)

  3. Well done! I have started my diet today :) So far, so good but I know its gonna get tough at some point...I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us! :)

  4. well done on your weight loss, keep up the good work, you are so right about not depriving yourself, having things in moderation is helping me too xx

  5. wow well done...good for you...I need some of your motivation...pass it my way :)

  6. Well done you! Great weight loss. Clearly shows that exercising makes a difference. Keep it up. Thanks for linking up with #WobblesWednesday on Naked Mum.

  7. yeah well done, that is so good for week 2 x

  8. Well done, that's an excellent loss :)


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