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14 January 2013

Girl's Night In

There is deep snow here and lots more on the way so rather than a night on the tiles slipping over in heels like Bambi or travelling far when the roads aren't safe, a night in the warm with the girls is the most sensible way to have fun!

Popping a pizza in the oven or sorting a small buffet with scrummy nibbles is always appreciated by my friends and having a bottle or two chilling to share always gets the giggles going. Usually we have a nice catch up on the gossip first, have you read about the dress malfunctions at The Globes, before settling down with a movie (usually a box of tissues) and some chocolate too! We may play a few drinking games and get out the Apple Sourz or vodka to enjoy, pop on a face mask and relax with eachother's company.

Since playing poker at Christmas with my family and having such a great time doing so, I've been having a look online for fun games to play from the comfort of my home, both alone and when the girls are over, and I came across online bingo. Ladbrokes currently have an offer too; if you can complete the 3 levels of speed bingo then you receive £5 free to play with.

It's really simple to play and similar to normal bingo in the way a number is called and you have to match it. You need to react quickly when the number is called though and click the responding ball before the next is called to complete the level. I'm quite competitive so this was ideal for me and the chance to win some money too in the bingo games is an added bonus!

If you fancy a game of bingo at home from under your warm duvet, during a girls night in or sat snug next to the fire, you can head over to Ladbrokes for a game today.


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