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12 February 2013

Bargain Hunting

With a lot of family birthdays early on in the year, Jamster's and the Mr's being in March and Minxy's being in April, now is the ideal time to hit the sales, pick up some bargains and save myself a small fortune. There are so many price reduced items around that it is definitely worth taking a peek in store and online to see if you can grab something at a lower price. 

I've already managed to pick up some Turtles and Batman items cheaper than usual and games for the consoles with money off too. Buying things over a few weeks helps me to spread the cost a little ready for Jamster turning 7 (how did that happen?!). The money saved can go in the holiday fund or on a nice treat for myself; some pampering would do nicely!

Although there are some great savings to be had during the early months of 2013, many of us may still be struggling after Christmas paying off bills and clearing catalogue debt from all the gift purchases during the festivities. It can be an expensive time regardless of how long we save up during the year! 
It may be worth having a look at to see if you can find a credit card to either help consolidate some existing debt, lower your repayments and interest rates or purely to benefit from the current deals and sales available now. 

There are a variety of cash back credit cards available which reward you as you shop and helps you to compare the different types of credit cards and creditors available. They help you to find the one that suits your needs and that provides the rewards that you most desire. Even if you are planning on buying something quite expensive and have the cash to hand you could always pop the purchase on a card, benefit from the rewards and clear the bill at the end of the month. 
The options are endless!

Have you picked up a bargain in the sales?


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