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12 February 2013

Pink Pancakes

Today being Shove Tuesday, aka Pancake day, means that pancakes will definitely be on our menu with a variety of mouth-wateringly good toppings and fillings too.

I prefer savoury ones personally; packed with cheese and chorizo and a splash of Worcester sauce.

The Mini Mes however like the sweeter versions (not surprisingly). We had some on Sunday evening for dessert with warm caramel sauce but they enjoy them with traditional toppings of sugar and lemon or healthier alternatives of fruit.

With Valentine's Day just 2 sleeps away we decided to make some pink heart shaped ones after lunch today...

We mixed in 3 drops of pink food colouring to our usual pancake recipe then used cake cutters to shape them. Minxy had syrup and lemon on hers and Jamster had syrup with sprinkles for a colourful result.

Do you prefer savoury or sweet pancakes?
What will you be eating with yours?

This is our entry for the #CPFamilyBreaks February competition with @tots100 and @CenterParcsUK


  1. They look great!!
    I prefer sweet ones with lemon & golden syrup on...I don't think I have ever had a savoury one...Well unless yo count the Findus Crispy

  2. What a lovely idea! I might try this with green for Halloween :-)

  3. I also prefer savoury ones - with tomatoes or chicken - mexican style! :) The pink ones look really cute!

  4. yum yum great idea to colour them! Love the pink! I always have lemon and sugar though yesterday my youngest was tucking into choc spread and blueberries and they did looks good! xxx


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