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14 February 2013

Capturing magical moments

Capturing special moments on film is a constant reminder of the magical times we have shared as a family and I love having pictures on show around our house. It makes it a real home.

Since having the Mini Mes I have been inspired to take more photos, to see how they have grown, so when they are older they can look back at all of the good times we have had. 

Days out, birthdays, playing. Memories caught by the camera.

One of my favourites is this... 

It was a moment when I was trying to capture Jamster's cheeky smile before we headed out for a birthday meal. Minxy then popped up behind him photo bombed for a hug! 

It reminded me that despite the bickering and shouting that they do get on really well and love each other as brother and sister and as friends. 

It's the moments like this that makes my heart melt as a mother.

Do you have a favourite family photo?



  1. Aww!! Lovely pic!!
    I think the best photos we have are of the kids are when they were least expecting the pics to be taken...My two are rubbish at posing for

    1. Individually they are usually fine but I always struggle to get pics of them together! X

  2. What a lovely photo! Such cheek


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