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19 February 2013

Penny-pinching throughout 2013: How to save money around the home

As Christmas becomes a distant memory and you settle into 2013, you might be looking to improve your finances. A new year is the perfect time to reduce your outgoings and boost your funds, so what cutbacks can you make around the home?

Go green
Implementing green initiatives not only protects the planet but it can also save you a shed load of cash. Small actions and changes can make a big difference, so arrange a boiler service to ensure your heating system is working economically, save water by investing in an eco-friendly shower head and try washing your clothes in lukewarm instead of hot water. Every little helps, so get in the right frame of mind and start making savings.

Make some home repairs
If you’ve been meaning to fix that leaking tap for a while now – do it! This will save water and could cut your utility costs significantly. Similarly, sealing up draughts, having your windows double glazed and fitting keyhole covers to your door will all help you retain the heat in your house more efficiently – which in turn should reduce your energy payments. While you’re in a DIY mode, don’t forget to switch traditional light bulbs for energy-saving alternatives and continue to look after the environment.

Get your bills in order
Are you paying too much on your utility bills? If you’re not sure, do your research and see what other companies are charging. Once you have the information you need, call up your suppliers and see if you can negotiate a better deal. If you have been a customer for a long time, they might reward loyalty or match the price of other packages you’ve found online. There’s no harm in asking and you might reduce your outgoings with just a few short phone calls.

Get hands on
If you pay for cleaners, gardeners or any other home help, it might be time to do it yourself. Money isn’t easy to come by at the moment, so if you’re struggling it’s wise to limit the amount you spend. Of course, you shouldn’t have to do all the hard graft completely alone, so get the family involved and allocate a chore to each person. Washing up, hoovering, general tidying, laundry, cooking and other tasks should be shared, so divide up the workload evenly.

Penny-pinching is relatively simple when you put your mind to it and you’re sure to notice the difference in no time.


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