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04 February 2013

Spartan Speaks - Kyjen Water Bottle Buddies

I decided to give the post lady's plaster covered fingers a rest for a day last week and let mum have her post in one piece, rather than in drool covered scraps. I don't think she is too pleased with the jigsaw I create for her in the hall each morning!

It resulted in a treat from the biscuit cupboard, lots of fuss and tummy tickles (my favourite), and an extra surprise from Bonlays to tear to shreds play with nicely.

The toy was really cute in a soft cow design and after sitting patiently with paw out at mums request, she handed over the present to keep me entertained. I think she prefers me to play with toys rather than pulling the stuffing out of her cushions for some reason.

There wasn't any squeaking from it to annoy mum or make me hyper which was a bonus but there was an interesting crackling sound, which came from the empty water bottle inside the cow behind the velcro fastening. The best thing was that even when I had crushed the bottle from throwing it around like a ninja and chewing it to see if it was really beef, it can be replaced with ones from the recycling box so the fun goes on and on, well until I need a nap anyway. Mum can even add treats in it to make it rattle too for variety in play.

I've tried quite hard to kiss it rip its arms and legs off but it seems to be quite robust, I think that is due to the inner nylon layer that mum and dad have discussed - toys don't usually last this long with my playful ways they say! I think they were pleased too.

It is quite a good companion as well as a toy, you could almost say it was a friend as it keeps finding its way into my bed at night and I quite like to carry it around and drop it at peoples feet to throw for me. If I was at the park I would probably tell the the lads about it as other toys seem to crumble and end up in the bin but this one has lived beyond a week, which considering it had to deal with my gnashers is quite an achievement. I give it a paws up, even more so as it is only £4.89 at the moment!

You can watch my cool skills here...

Bonlays have a wide range of pet toys and accessories which you can find here:

*We received the Bottle Buddy for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*


  1. SARAH LAMBERT17/06/2013, 12:09

    Wow this looks great my border collie Poppy looks like she would enjoy this as much as Spartan :)


  2. hahahahaha this is cute, I want to buy one for my mums dog

  3. A dogs toy that lasts, must get one of these :)


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