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05 February 2013

Bribery from the Tooth Fairy

Silence or whispering is never a good sign when you have a 6 and an 8 year old. It usually means trouble!
I could hear lowered voices on Thursday evening and I wondered what was occurring upstairs.

Me: What are you up to?
Minxy: Nothing. Everything is fine mum.
Jamster: Shhhhh! (Followed by a slurping noise)
Minxy to Jamster: *Whispering* Just do it!
Me: You aren't trying to pull Jamster's tooth out are you?
Jamster: It doesn't hurt mum. I really need the cash.

I'm fairly certain the tooth fairy doesn't leave £50 notes under pillows so I can't imagine he needs the £1 that desperately !!

When it did finally fall out on Friday, at school in the playground, his letter to the tooth fairy made me chuckle too...

"Please can I have a Skylanders Bee Giants and money"

He had obviously wanted to pull his tooth out to see if the tooth fairy would bring him both money and a new Skylander Giant... cheeky, but wise that one!

The tooth fairy replied (she is wise and cunning also it would appear) and left a £1....

Perhaps a little bribery from the tooth fairy will stop the fuss he makes each morning and evening in the bath room when it comes to cleaning his teeth!?

Wot So Funee?


  1. I had to print mine out, as my daughter recognized my hand writing :)))

    1. Not my usual handwriting here, it's big and curly. This is super tiny size... similar to Santa and the Easter bunny hmmm ;) x

  2. Haha, what a nice plan he had! "and money" - made my day! :))
    About the problems with brushing his teeth - does he like crocodiles and pandas? I think I told you already I am working on my own app :) but it takes ageees! :(

    1. He will do them but likes to moan! Yea he definitely likes crocodiles x

  3. Ha! I like it- playing them at their own game :-D

  4. Brilliant! Love that the Tooth Fairy come back with such a great response ;) x

  5. We are such a nation of Tooth Fairy forgers! I do it too! Kids are too clever!

  6. Madam asked the tooth fairy for 'dust so she could fly'!
    Love your tooth fairies name ;)) xx

  7. That is brilliant, I can't believe he was trying to pull his tooth out heehee! And I love the note back, will keep that in mind for when my two are old enough :)


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