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26 February 2013

The funny things kids say...

Minxy decided to help with hanging out the washing over the weekend and as she put some of my lingerie on the airer she noticed that it was rather small and transparent:

Minxy: "Erm mum, this won't keep you very warm will it and Nick will see your bits! Urghh."
*look of absolute disgust*

Thanks for pointing that one out... I do love how she speaks her mind.


While serving up dinner one evening Minxy decided to comment on my portion size:

Minxy: "Are you going to eat all of that? I think you should go on Man vs Food."

Again, thank you for your honesty!


While sat at the table reading with Minxy one evening after school I heard Jamster upstairs:

Jamster: "OWWW"
Me: "Are you OK? What have you done?"
Jamster: "Minxy just pinched me!"
Me: "Errm I don't think she did Jamster, she has been downstairs reading with me for a while"
Jamster: "Oh."

Little monster was trying to get his sister in trouble when she hadn't done anything wrong.
A good try but no luck this time dude!


While Minxy is swimming Jamster and I sit in the pool area to watch and he always surprises me with rather random questions:

Jamster: How does Spider Man have web in his wrist? He got bit on his neck so surely it should come out of his mouth.

Jamster: How are rainbows made?

I love how he wants to know about everything and is always keen to learn... I just don't always have the answers to respond with in a way that he will understand. Google has become my friend.


Have you had any cringe worthy moments this week?

Wot So Funee?


  1. Ha! Caught red handed! I love it when you manage to catch them out pretending their siblings did something bad!

  2. Hehe I love Man vs Food but not sure I'd ever be able to finish even half! The lingerie one made me chuckle! :) and that's a very good point about Spider-Man!

  3. Fab - that has made me chuckle.

  4. fab questions - We tend to have some bizarre questions and often have to quickly look things up over lunch - while the kids are busy eating mummy is left missing lunch trying to find answers to their questions. x

  5. Ah, I love the questions the kids ask. And I appreciate my smartphone now - I can check everything in a blink of an eye and sometimes even they do not notice I have to seek for help on the internet!

  6. Ethan prefers to challenge himself like 'boy vs food' ;)) x


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