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08 February 2013

They grow too fast

Next month Jamster will be turning 7, I'm not sure how that happened so quickly but I have begun to plan his day and picked up a few presents for him already... mostly Marvel for my little Spider Man fan! 
Thankfully it is a teacher training day so he won't be at school and we can spend the day having fun.

I still remember his first birthday at my parent's house, I had moved back in temporarily after I split with the Mini Me's dad, and how he had very little idea about what was going on but loved the attention regardless! He probably had more fun eating, ripping paper and playing with empty boxes than he did his actual gifts but I think the majority of kids are the same when they are very small. 
I made a buffet and had family over to celebrate too...

He has always loved to suck two fingers and remains to do so even now when he is tired, something that hasn't changed! He has however developed into a rather cheeky yet intelligent and cute little dude over the years.
His birthday's 2nd-6th
Do you feel that time goes to quickly when you have children?

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  1. Awww what a lovely collage of birthdays. He's very handsome.
    What is it with children and empty boxes rather than the actual present?!

    Thank you for linking up to Flashback Friday x

  2. Beautiful photos. Love his cake! Time definitely passes by far too quickly when you have children!

  3. I love seeing photos of children growing up over the years, he has a beautiful smile xx

  4. Aww lovely photos....
    Yes! Time does pass too quickly when you have kids....The last 10 years has flown over since I had my first...Crazy!

  5. My little man will soon be two and I can't believe two years have gone by. Your photos remind me that I must be careful to record more of this precious time as it does pass so quickly.

  6. What a good looking little mister. Babies do grow up too fast. One day, you are like, where's my baby gone? But, it's our mummy magic hey!

  7. he has amazing blue eyes!! what a lovely flashback of photos over the years and what a handsome boy you have
    i wonder where the time goes ALL the time to be honest. and yes it does seem to fly by faster since i became a mummy x x

  8. He looks similar to my little one with those sparkly blue eyes. He looks like such a happy young man xxx

  9. Awww!!! Absolutely it goes far too quickly and speeds up our aging too ;) xx


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