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26 March 2013

Sibling love (and hate)

The Mini Mes are very much like how me and my siblings were as children in the way that most of the time they get on really well but other times they fight like cat and dog. This past week there has been a fair bit of bickering in the mornings and no doubt a few more grey hairs for me in the process.
Minxy left this note for Jamster on the table after breakfast...
... which he edited to her name when he saw it (I still don't think she has noticed)!
Minxy crossed off Jamster's birthday from her calendar and changed Thursday to 'relaxing day'...
... until they were friends again and she wrote it back on!
They do love each other really then.
Do your children have similar moments?

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  1. Is it bad thatI laughed quite a lot... I can't imagine being able to keep a straight face when I have kids doing stuff like that! Anyway, better dash it's a relaxing day for me too - Husband's Birthday... LOL x Thanks for linking up to Wot So #Funee :))) Grab the badge or the code if you want to spread the blog love too xxx

  2. Hahaha....I love that she called it 'relaxing day'. I can imagine you saying exactly what we say "we're not doing anything or going anywhere, we're having a relaxing day today" :D

    PS. I have a whole collection of notes in a drawer upstairs, a good percentage of which say things like 'my sister smells of wee''s priceless :D

  3. Haha that's brilliant! You must chuckle your head off in secret at that calendar. :)

  4. Oh Emz this did make me chuckle!! Well I only have Aalliyah but her and her cousin I swear you would think they were siblings they are just like that! if Aalliyah says the sky is blue , Joey will declare its black! Drives me nuts lol x

  5. If you keep these little notes then when they're grown up and get on fine they'll be able to have a happy evening rummaging through a box of memories and laughing like me and my little sis do with the accumulated bits and pieces from our childhood! Like the one where I wrote to Father Christmas and said my sister didn't want any presents this year!

  6. Mine fight all the time at the moment, I've seen far too many of this kind of note. Xx

  7. Oh gosh, I'm just catching up on last weeks funees. My kids are exactly like this - total love:hate relationship!

  8. I remember it well from my childhood, and now it's all repeating itself once again!


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