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05 April 2013

Clearing out the closet

If I look to the back of my wardrobe, behind my regularly worn jumpers, jeans and a selection of heels, that is where you will find them. The brand new, beautiful items of clothing with tags still attached that I have purchased in hope that one day I would fit into them without the buttons popping off and zip jamming!
The perfect party-wear in a size smaller, stunning skirts and trousers that I've picked up in sales praying that my mummy tummy, bumps and bulges would one day shrink enough to wear them comfortably. But who am I kidding?! I love ice cream, chocolate and wine far too much and I very rarely turn down a pizza or curry. I'm not that fond of regular exercise so there they will remain unworn for years on end until they are usually passed onto slimmer friends or my sister.
There is also the collection of one hit wonders; outfits I've loved at the time but then not needed or had an occasion to show off again. Tops and jeans that I've once adored but are no longer my taste but perfect for someone else to give a loving home to.
Instead of letting the items gather dust or even giving them away you can get money for clothes by selling them. Money that will be handy for holidays, fun days out with the family or even to pay bills if you could do with the spare pennies. If I went through my cupboards I would find so much that I could make some cash from, even some really random items like catsuits from hen parties or bikinis that I no longer have the confidence to wear. It's definitely worth a spring clean and taking time to clear out the closet. You could make yourself a fortune.
Do you have clothes hiding in the back of your wardrobe too?
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