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04 April 2013

(Sanity Saving) Travel Tips

"Are we there yet?" on repeat, whinging about boredom in the backseats or needing the toilet for the umpteenth time does not make the perfect journey, but there are a few ways you can make the experience slightly more tolerable.

Hopefully these sanity savers for travelling with kids will help you as they do me...

Peace at last

  • Snacks. And plenty of them. Not only will it save your ears from constant moaning about starvation but it will save you a small fortune on extortionate service station costs and time consuming pit stops. Make them as low in sugar as possible to avoid hyperactivity so sandwiches, fruits and savoury products are best. If they have their mouths filled they can't talk. You will however need to hoover up the crumbs later - damn!
  • Magazines. I'm generally not keen on them as they always seem ridiculously priced with cheap tat securely attached to the front, that usually rips the cover to shreds in the process of removal, but when travelling they are quite handy. They contain a variety of puzzles, quizzes and colouring pages that will keep little ones occupied for a few minutes at least. Just don't forget the pencils.
  • Travel really early or late. Hopefully they will be tired and sleep for most of the journey. You could even attempt to transfer them to the car while in pj's and snoring, them not you, but it's likely they will wake up in a mad panic having no idea what's going on. If it's dark outside they will be more inclined to rest their eyes... and voices. Bonus.
  • Sun blinds and glasses. Keep the light and heat out and prevent children complaining about glare/warmth/reflection/anything they can think of to be irritating. Take a blanket too so they can't say they are chilly either.
  • Play games. Ideally I Spy and the usage of words they don't know to keep them guessing until you arrive at your destination so you can gradually block the droning sound out. Alternatively a list of impossible things to find like space rockets and sunshine (well this is England) should keep them looking outside at the sky and hopefully quiet for some time. Counting those 1,000 green bottles on the wall may be useful or taking along a handheld console or music player, with headphones for them too.

What (tongue-in-cheek) travel tips do you have?


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