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15 April 2013

Have fun, be silly, enjoy life.

Before I had children I never appreciated my spare time when I could do just about anything, anywhere. The full days out shopping in huge shopping centres where I wouldn't worry about the notes flying away from my purse like they grew on trees. Buying heels and handbags, stopping off for lunch in posh restaurants and having a few cocktails in the process. The spontaneous road trips to the beach, the nights out til the early hours and the Sundays lounging in bed until the afternoon watching movies with a takeaway and piles of chocolates (in peace!).
Becoming a parent does change your life. More than I ever expected it would do and time has become so precious as has money. My life is now my children, and although I wouldn't change that for the world, child-free time is so important and so appreciated! A chance to relax, unwind and enjoy myself rather than worrying about washing and homework, meetings or appointments. I get to spend some time 1-2-1 with the Mr watching the latest movie release from the back row seats or having a catch up with friends... although that quite often involves discussing the children anyway! I still get the odd night out where I can treat myself to a new outfit, maybe a new top, a flapper dress or just some jeans that I can just about squeeze into (yes, I still have a few pounds to lose despite my youngest being 7).
Have fun, be silly.
What being a parent has taught me is that time goes quickly and to really make the most of what you do have. When you are with the kids, enjoy their company and play as much as you can. Make them laugh and smile, give them memories worth remembering. The housework can wait until they are asleep as children grow so quickly and no doubt it won't be that long until they are off to uni or starting their own families. When you do have time to yourself don't waste it. Do something exciting, something new or a little scary.
Make the most of time and of life.

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