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16 April 2013

The funny things kids say and do

Having had the Mini Mes at home the past two weeks for Easter, I've been able to have a lot more conversations with them and listen in on a few too!
Me: Come on kids, grab your shoes.
Minxy: We aren't goats mum. Please refer to us as children!
Minxy: Why do you think grown ups don't appreciate bad behaviour?
Jamster: Because they are grumpy!
Jamster: Can I borrow your Pillow Pet please?
Minxy: Yes but please don't dribble on it. I don't want it getting disgusting.
Minxy: What are you doing mum?
Me: Just listing a few things on eBay.
Minxy: Can you sell people? Can we sell Jamster?
Minxy: If this was Come Dine With Me I'd probably give you a 9 out of 10 mum for your cooking. Maybe a 10.

I found this lovely award from Minxy for apparently being kind to her... and a prize too of some of my own chocolate! It's the thought that counts I guess.

What funny things has your child said this week?

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  1. Oh Minxy is such a cutie pie! And so clever. I remember hating and fighting with my brothers but it never occured to me one can just sell them! :)))

  2. I often wonder if I would find everything a lot more funny if I wasnt' a boring adult!

  3. Hahaha....they're brilliant and lovely. The award is very special treasure, excellent that she put some of your own chocolate with it! :D

  4. Super!!
    I love listening in on conversations my children have bout me. Xx


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