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19 April 2013

I can't live without... House of Anubis

Minxy is more than a drama queen, if she doesn't get her way it really is the end of the world. Her face will screw up into a scowl and her arms will remain tightly folded until she sulks off into her room, slamming the door behind her, muttering and stomping her feet on the way.
She is only 9 so I'm not really looking forward to her becoming a teen!

I'm never sure how to discipline her these days. She is too big for the naughty step, if I confiscate toys or games she says 'I don't even care' while smirking and if I cancel plans it is everyone that misses out which isn't really fair. So what is a mum to do?!.... Take away TV!

Every day at 6pm she will hog the remote, switch on House of Anubis and 'Shhh' everyone so she can listen in silence to her favourite show (the bossy little madam). However when it came to bed time yesterday she was messing about, being rude and lied when I asked if she had brushed her teeth (Colgate still sat on the brush!) so I said no TV tomorrow then. Her jaw dropped. She jumped out of bed to clean her teeth and then refused to kiss me goodnight while huffing and puffing from under her duvet about her life being ruined as she apparently can't live without 'Sibuna'! She knew straight away that meant she wouldn't be getting her fix of Nickelodeon and she didn't like it.
Will she learn she needs to behave? - I do hope so!

Do you have a drama queen in the house?
How do you discipline?

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  1. Has it worked? My sister had her hockey training taken away when she was older - which worked a treat. Of course Mum and Dad didn't love her!


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