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18 April 2013

Wanted: New Bathroom

Even the Mini Mes realise that the bathroom is a little old and tatty, 
seeing it day in and out can make me quite ratty!
It's in desperate need of some decorating,
the torn paper and worn flooring for years I've been hating.

Minxy has kindly provided her ideas on how it should be,
but I don't really have the funds for a bathroom shopping spree...

This dated wallpaper is definitely not to my taste,
I'd happily rip it all down and throw it out with the waste...

Like the look of my flooring? No, neither do I.

Seeing it day in and out I could quite easily cry.

It was pulled up recently for new central heating,
I think it's left me in need of an Interior Designer meeting...

The Mr likes to shower whereas I like to sit in the tub,
filled with lush goodies and ducks - a rub a dub dub!

I'd quite like a Whirlpool bath and maybe a TV,
to have fun with some bubbles and to watch while I pee!

I want to replace this with this...

and these with these...

But unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees!


I'd like to tear it all out and put in a brand new bath suite,

some new storage for my supplies of toiletries to make it pretty and neat.


I'd like a nice bathroom so I'm not ashamed to let people in,
a shiny new loo, towel rail and a basin.

I'd love a new bathroom and this is my plea,
PLEASE someone come and redecorate for me!


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  1. Love the look of the designs you want for your bathroom.Currently thinking about renovating my bathroom


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