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09 April 2013

The Smoothie Society

Struggling to get the precious five a day in? Fed up of those stinky vitamins that punctuate your mornings? Can't bear the thought of holding your nose yet again as the cod liver oil slowly slides down? Well why not join the ranks of the sworn in soldiers of the smoothie making society?

The world of the smoothie has really advanced over the past few years, and is no longer restricted by the constraints of regular fruits and juices. In dishing yourself out a delicious health kick in the morning; it can be goodbye to orange juice and bananas, and hello to aloe vera juice and wheatgrass powder!

A decent blender needn't set you back the earth, but will open up a universe of possibilities in creating a healthy start to your day. The more traditional smoothie ingredients can be combined with a wide range of interesting ideas to keep things fresh and different. If you’re taking supplements such as muscle building or weight loss protein powders, these can even be added to your blend to keep you away from that tiresome shaker!

Ingredients such as wheatgrass powder supercharge your red blood cells with green plant chlorophyll to help bodily regeneration and cleansing, while aloe vera juice supports a healthy digestive system. Zinc powder and Echinacea will give your immune system a boost, and guarana, ginseng and vitamin E products can all help to provide a dose of energy to set you on your way to an active day.

The beauty of the smoothie is that there is no better way to tailor a culinary creation to your own taste and fancy. Just chuck whatever you like in the blender and as long as you're not barking completely up the wrong tree you should be fine. Taking in certain things, such as carrots, in a raw state can also be favourable to their benefits, or release different goodness to when they are cooked.

There are zero constrictions to adhere to, but below are some ideas of ingredients you can throw together to get you started...

The Traditionalist

Orange juice, apple juice, banana, strawberries, raspberries

The Supercharger

Pineapple juice, aloe vera juice, wheatgrass powder, ginseng juice, mango

The Gym Buff

Pineapple juice, protein powder, oats, banana

The Vitamin Boost

Orange juice, vitamin E powder, carrot, ginger, lemon juice

The tasty treat

Vanilla ice cream, rhubarb, white chocolate, Greek yogurt

What goes in your smoothies?
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  1. Im a huge healthy smoothie fan. I recommend the Green Monster smoothies (usually spinach based) and i add Spirulina to my smoothies, it tastes foul on its own but mixed into a mango/berry or banana/strawberry smoothie its great. Plus its great way to gross people out cos whatever its added to, it turns the smoothie sludge green lol


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