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09 April 2013

The Trap

Jamster may look cute with his big blue eyes but he can be a little cunning and cheeky at times and he will often find it hilarious (in an evil cackle kind of way) to hide in Minxy's room to either jump out and attempt to scare her or to try to pester her! All she really wants to do is chill with One Direction, do some drawing or play with her Moshi Monsters but he ignores her Keep Out and Girls Only signs, which she has clearly attached to her doors, to attack her with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and fill her room with Lego vehicles... So she decided to create 'The Trap'.

She decided to use her desk chair, beanbag and some toy boxes to block her door to prevent Jamster getting in before turning up Gangnam Style and ignoring his calls to let him in! Her plan did work, but for all of 20 minutes, until I called her down for dinner and she had to move it all back.
Perhaps a better solution is needed...

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  1. Ha! I love her cunning master plan! She will obviously devise a better one next time, so Jamster will have to up his game! #funee x

  2. Great that Minxy is plotting already although she does need a more effective plan! Fab post, I love the drawing :)

  3. Oh we have all the same here. Bug is so desperate to get into his sister's room - he adores her, even though he does then create havoc with Lego. We may have had a trip to A&E more than once when small boy's fingers get trapped in slammed door! Thanks for joining in again x

  4. Oh wow that's a very valiant effort to move the desk. She should have eaten first I guess :)

  5. Plan B eat before moving furniture ;))


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