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08 May 2013

7 Summer Essentials for the Family

The sun is shining, the smell of BBQ's lingers and the giggles of children playing in paddling pools can be heard from most gardens, making now the ideal time to think about those summer essentials!

Here is our list of family must-have items to get you through to Autumn:


Hand Sanitiser
Playing in sand, picking up daisies and eating sticky ice creams can leave your hands a little bit messy. Having a hand sanitiser spray is perfect for keeping clean when on the go. We particularly like My Pocket buddy which is alcohol-free and comes in a slimline bottle - great for delicate skin!

Window Blinds
When travelling in the car the sun can glare through making the kids hot and uncomfortable in the back seats. Window blinds are essential to keep the heat out and bright light away and purchasing some from Web-blinds for at home is a wise idea too - they help to ensure a perfect nights sleep and create a little shade during the day too.

Sunscreen Wipes
Ideal for when you have babies and toddlers that like to wiggle about, these wipes make applying sunscreen easy and will help to ensure your little ones skin is protected from the suns harmful rays.

Drinks covers
If you plan to eat alfresco, it's important to ensure drinks are properly covered to prevent bugs and wasps getting inside. Can covers are an essential for all of those afternoons outside, picnics and days out and these transform yours into bottles!

Picnic Blankets
There aren't always enough benches to go around so having a waterproof and fold up blanket makes picnics hassle free. Leave it in the boot of your car so it will always be at hand when needed.

First Aid Kit
Spending more time outside having fun can sometimes result in cuts and bruises so it's best to be prepared! This miniature kit from Baby Aid contains everything from plasters and dressings to bravery stickers for cheering up injured children... and parents too, so pop one in your beach bag today.

The warmer weather, flowers and food can attract unwanted nasties so it's a good idea to have an effective repellent in your bag at all times, to keep those pesky bugs at bay so you can enjoy your day.


What is your summer essential?
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  1. Great list! Summer hats for the little ones would have to be one of mine, for those days when the sun makes an appearance ;)

  2. definately a great list. :)

  3. Great list! Have never seen sunscreen wipes before - great idea!

  4. brilliant article will be popping to boots to update my list of essentials

  5. Anne Wallwin10/05/2013, 20:56

    never heard of suncream wipes - will have to search them out for the kids

  6. great list i have never heard of sunscreen wipes either, would be ideal for my toddler


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