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09 May 2013

Reasons to be Happy

My reasons to be happy

May has so far been amazing! The sun has been shining and I had a lovely bank holiday weekend, spending most of it outside working on my tan. Bronzed beauty here I come.
 We have another weekend away ahead and one that I am very much looking forward to. We will have lots of outdoor fun as a family and getting back to basics, in a slightly glam way....
Minxy has started athletics club and Spanish and I'm very proud of her for doing so as she doesn't usually like to get involved with groups (or she drops out quite quickly!). Her confidence is really building and I'm pleased to see she is enjoying activities with friends.
The Mr makes me happy for all of the little things he does for me. While out shopping at the weekend he purchased some new perfume for me (Versace Bright Crystal) and it smells divine. Apparently buying me things makes me smile - perhaps he was implying that I'm otherwise grumpy, hmmmm!
What reasons to you have to be cheerful this week?

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  1. Great reasons and how sweet of the Mr to buy that for you. Pressies for no reason make me smile too!

  2. You sound just like me! If the Mr. buys me perfume, I wonder if I smell?! haha, a lovely gift, and I'm sure he just thought you'd like it x

  3. Lovely reasons! Yay for new perfume :D xx

  4. Lovely gift from the Mr. Slightly Jealous! Lovely reasons

    Laura x x x

  5. I think that is lovely that your hubbie like to buy you little gifts - lucky lady! Mich x

  6. What lovely reasons! I don't remember the last time I was bought a little gift. Mind you, I am allergic to perfume so that wouldn't go down well.

  7. Lucky you being "treated" so well! I'm envious ... x

  8. my girlfriend love's this


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