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15 May 2013

A New Part of Me

This is a new part of me.
A part of me I'd never seen before and the black spec on it is new too.
It's my right eye.
The white is my optic nerve and the black spec is a mole. Yep, a mole on the back of my eyeball!
I'd never heard of anyone having similar before but apparently it's not that rare.
I'd had a lot of headaches and my first port of call was the opticians for a check up to see if my vision or a need for glasses had caused my constant migraines. After examination she went back to my right eye for another inspection and asked if I knew about the mole at the back of my eye, which I didn't.
I was called back for photos which I had Monday and I'm now being referred to the hospital just to make sure that it's OK.
Fingers crossed!

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  1. Ooer, that is a bit of a worry. I hope it turns out all okay.

  2. I have one too!the optician referred me too and said they wanted to check it out, all was good. I have no doubt you will be too! us moley folk are a nightmare! x

  3. This has to be the most original post this week! Hope everything will be fine. xx

  4. I didn't know there was such a thing as a mole on an eyeball! I hope the hospital check goes well x

  5. I had my eyes photographed like this a few years ago, amazing images aren't they.

  6. Super cool photo! I love images like this. I hope everythings OK though, which I'm sure it will be :) x

  7. Oohh, that picture is freaky. Before I read your post I thought it was about a planet haha! I suffer headaches too and am off to the opticians on Friday to have my eyes tested. I'm actually quite a mole-y person so I wonder if I have one too? We'll see!

    Fingers crossed for you that everything is fine x

  8. Wow, that is a very unique view, not something we all get to see of ourselves. Fingers crossed everything is OK but I am sure it will be


  9. i had a similar thing with an enlarged nerve. I have had it monitored for the last 2 years just to make sure it is nothing sinister. I've my last check in july. On the bright side i've had a lot of free eye tests!

  10. Fingers crossed for you, hope it's not serious x

  11. Never heard of that either. Hope all is ok x

  12. Im sure everything will be ok xoxo

  13. Hope it's not serious and you've heard by now! Xx


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