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14 May 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do...

What's so funny Jamster?

Apparently having your hair cut is! He has such a ticklish neck he was in fits of giggles while the (very patient) hairdresser trimmed his tresses which set Minxy and I off too!

The Mini Mes have made me laugh a few other times this week...

While sat on my lap watching Lady and the Tramp

Jamster: Sorry about that mum.
Me: What are you saying sorry about?
Jamster: I just accidently trumped on you.



Spartan started cleaning his bits, as a dog does

Minxy: Spartan! You will need a Polo now to freshen your breath.
*pulls face of absolute disgust*


Jamster kept calling Minxy asking her to play with him

Minxy: If you keep annoying me I will have to press charges!

What has made you giggle this week?

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  1. My son called his dad 'Daddy big nose' which we thought was hilarious.... he won't be laughing when he gets older if he ends up with Daddy's nose!


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