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31 May 2013

Top Tips - For A Peaceful Nights Sleep

As a mum I understand that it can take a lot of time and effort to get your child to sleep through, which sometimes results in sleepless nights, caffeine overloads and toddlers star-fishing in your bed! But by creating a perfect and peaceful environment for your child you might just about manage some undisturbed rest - hopefully my tips can help!

Black Out Blind
Block out the sunshine completely and hopefully a lack of light will keep your baby snoring away until you are ready to rise. If you are travelling you can pick up a pop up alternative so your getaway isn't ruined by early starts either.

Trainer clocks
These are ideal for children slightly older in age that often find themselves wide awake at the crack of dawn! The clock informs them that it's still time to sleep and encourages them to lay back down! There are different character versions to suit every taste too.

If your newborn kicks off the covers and is woken by cold drafts, sleeping bags are the way forward. They ensure little legs and tummies remain covered all night so they keep snug until the morning. There are different styles and togs available for all year round warmth.

As parents we require a decent mattress for sleep so don't forget the importance of a quality one for our offspring too! Zleeps have pocket sprung single memory foam mattresses that help reduce discomfort and tension that might prevent your toddler to teen sleeping well.

Getting your child into a routine at bedtime is vital if you want a peaceful night. Try bath and shower products containing lavender for relaxation, baby massage, stories and cuddles to calm them down before they slumber!
What product would you recommend for a good nights sleep?
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  1. The secret to a good nights sleep, mine have been in blacked out rooms since birth & both fab sleepers!

  2. I keep thinking about getting Roo a trainer clock but she has always been an early risers

  3. fab article must look at these zleeps mattresses

  4. Ewan the dream sheep :)

  5. Angela Turton08/07/2013, 21:52

    Snuggle blanket, no spills anyway up cup of milk. All prior to a lovely hot bath with Johnsons bedtime bath :)

  6. Definitely a blackout blind and a feed in the dark room before bed.

  7. Its all about routine. Bath, story, bed. Soon it sinks in.

  8. Routine. My little girl has bath, story, milk, bed.

  9. A gro bag so he stays warm all night, a soother as he is teething and a constant routine of bath, bottle, story, cuddles & bed :)

  10. Cuddle toys :) My children have one each that they always have in bed x

  11. routine and a grobag

  12. Ewan the Dream Sheep makes heartbeat sounds and helps lull a baby to sleep. It has worked wonders for our little one who was waking up hourly!

  13. Making sure the room isn't too hot - seems to be a common mistake!


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