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30 May 2013

The Perfect Playroom For Your Home

To create the perfect playroom you need a space that is fun, functional and, above all, safe. Your playroom should also be low maintenance and let you clean and tidy it quickly with minimal fuss. The last thing you want is a playroom that is so cluttered with mess that no one can enjoy it!

Make It Safe
This is the first and most important rule you should keep in mind when designing your playroom. A playroom needs to be safe for children of all ages and allow you to be in another room of your house without worrying about what your children are up to. Make sure your playroom doesn’t have any outside doors that lead into the street or unsecure gardens and there should always be a window available for use as a fire escape.

Right, now that the serious stuff is taken care of, on with the fun! Being practical doesn’t mean being boring. You can make every part of your playroom fun as well as functional.
Try some funky overhead lighting instead of free-standing lamps for added safety and paint your walls using washable paint. You can even find paint that doubles as a chalkboard so why not paint on wall with it and let your kids go crazy?

Fun, fun, FUN!
A playroom is intended for children so it has to be fun and appealing to them. You may love beige tones in the rest of your house but children want something more eye-catching. Go for primary colours especially, like red, blue and yellow in big bold blocks and add soft cushions and little plastic chairs in bright colours for reading or colouring. A lovely bright Roman shades will add a great touch of colour and help keep the bright sun out of your little ones eyes at the same time. Just remember to keep the pull cord out of reach of little hands.

Neat and Tidy
Despite what you may think, it is not impossible to keep a playroom tidy. All you have to do it make it fun! Hanging storage bins made of fabric are great for storing toys and you can turn it into a game. For example, why not see who can put the most toys into their own bin the fastest, or sing a song together as you tidy? As long as you join in and encourage them, children will find tidy up time as much fun as playing.

Keep Them Occupied
It is a well-known fact that children get bored easily so make sure there is plenty to keep them busy. A bookcase with their favourite stories, paper and crayons for colouring, arts and crafts, soft toys and dolls and board games should be enough to keep them happy for hours and out of your hair. You could also utilise your unwanted old shoes, clothes, make up and hair accessories and create a fantastic dress-up box for your children to play with.
What makes the perfect playroom for you?
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  1. We have storage bins and try so hard to keep the playroom tidy, but my 3 yr old son has the shortest attention span ever and just keeps getting more toys out


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