29 May 2013

Watch, Bake, Create - Dinosaurs

This is an activity link up where you can share your recipes and crafts based around a particular theme. This week focuses on dinosaurs and we have made Fossil Cookies, D is for Dinosaur Window Art and watched Dinosaur DVD.
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Dinosaur Fossil Cookies

Using a basic cookie recipe we transformed ordinary biscuits into fossil food! With the Mini Mes dinosaur toys, we pushed their feet deep into the cookies, almost all the way through, to create prints within them.
225g butter       
110g caster sugar
275g plain flour

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  • Combine the ingredients together to form a dough.
  • Roll into small balls and flatten slightly (to around 1cm thickness maximum).
  • Push the toys into the cookie rounds to create the prints.
  • Cook for 12-15 minutes until golden.
  • Scoff!

D is for Dinosaur Window Art

With a capital D for the body, this cellophane dinosaur craft not only helps to teach about the alphabet but is pretty to display in windows to allow different colours to shine through into your room.
Draw a large capital d onto the card and cut it out, removing the centre too.
Using the D as a template, cut out a piece of cellophane the same size.
Attach the cellophane to the D using the glue.
Draw feet, a tail and neck with head onto the card, cut out and attach to the D with glue.
Draw on facial features, toes etc.
Allow a few minutes to dry completely.
Display in your window.

Dinosaur DVD


This movie is a family favourite where a group of dinosaurs face several challenges and learn about the importance of friendship along the way.

Aladar the iguanodon, separated from his parents as an egg, is raised by lemurs within a jungle. After a meteor shower destroys his homeland his journey begins to find a safe place to live.

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Next week the theme will be Mermaids.


  1. Great cookie idea....simple but effective!!


  2. would love to watch the dinosaur movie with my son who loves dinosaurs and the cookies are great

  3. I love the cookies - going to have to borrow that idea :)

  4. Great ideas. The boys like having days like this in the sunmer holidays. We did salt dough fossils last year but I am liking the idea of real cookies!

  5. This sounds like a great day of entertainment! I'm going to have to try it with mine!

  6. LOVE the cookie idea. So much so I've jotted it down to make with the kids this afternoon! The footprints in the cookies are a cool idea too. x

  7. Yay you did it!! We did a disneys dinosaur movie night last year, will have to blog it so I can be your first linky! lol xxx

    1. First linky! Yay! We have a fun mermaids lunch for next week too! Love this idea :) xxx

  8. lol I need to make these, my son loves dinosaurs

  9. Found you over on My Life As a Mummys blog hop :) Love the cookies, simple things are the best!! x

  10. I love the cookie idea. I was planning on baking with Cameron next week, so am hoping to be able to do these.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again next weekend

    Laura x x x

  11. great ideas and my sons love dinosaurs

  12. My son loves dinosaurs and we are trying to bake something every week so this recipe has just gone to the top of the list - thank you!

  13. The different colored cellophane in the Dinosaur Window Art is great. When the sunshine hits the window the rooms are bathed in different colors. Brightens up the rooms and cheaper than decorating, just change the colors in the cutouts every couple of weeks lol :)

  14. Oh we are going to have to add this to the 'to make' list too. Great idea & simple too :)

  15. Going to make the cookies with the kids tomorrow,great :)

  16. Fab idea, simple yet kids will love them

  17. my son loves dinosaurs. so i will have to try all this :)

  18. The dinosaur fossil cakes are such a fantastic idea!

  19. Where do you get cellophane from?

  20. oooo fab idea ill b giving these a try

  21. My kid is doing dinosaurs at school so this is useful.

  22. Great idea for cookies, we'll be doing this this afternoon

  23. love the dinosaur window decoration idea and the cookies sound great :) x

  24. My little girls is mad on dinosaurs and these ideas for activities with her are great! Thank you x

  25. Kids would love making these...must give them a go :)

  26. These look really easy and fun to make :)

  27. Love the idea of these they look so etheuntic cab't wait to try them

  28. looks great going to give it a go

  29. What a brilliant idea, we will try this weekend.

  30. My son loves dinosaurs, he would love this x

  31. Have to do these with my son - he would love it!


  32. my grandson loves dinosaurs I will have to do this with him, he will love it

  33. Love the cookie idea, just thinking what other toys could be used to do this.


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