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24 June 2013

Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids Jelly *Review*

Combining food with fun is the best way to encourage children to eat from my experience, so the new Crosse & Blackwell Jelly Pots were bound to please.
Each of the 6 flavours has a specific Toy Story character associated with it and being BIG Disney fans this immediately appealed to a rather fussy eater - Jamster!

The 6 flavours:
Mandarin in mandarin jelly
Mixed fruit in strawberry jelly
Peach in peach jelly
Apple in raspberry jelly
Peach in strawberry jelly
Pineapple in pineapple jelly
Each pot is 125g making it the ideal size for picnics, lunch boxes or as an after school snack and as 1 of your 5 a day it's great for the health conscious too. A spoon is included with each pot which is very handy and the lid is easy to peel off, even for younger children, so you don't need to worry that they won't be able to tuck in at nursery or school without you to assist.
The jelly is easy to scoop with the spoon, we didn't have any real issues with it wobbling off, and the segment sizes are perfectly proportioned with the young in mind. I was pleased with the taste, as were the Mini Mes, as they were sweet without being overpowering and you get texture from the fruit chunks. The Mini Mes favourite was the mandarin, mine was the apple and the Mr liked the pineapple most - something to suit everyone! It's great that they are low in calories too so I didn't feel guilty enjoying them myself.
Each pot is made with no artificial preservatives or colours and contains real fruit juice. They are suitable for vegetarians and I was really impressed by the long life on them. Ours don't expire until December so they can remain in the cupboard without worrying that they will go off in a hurry.

Each pot is 65p which is perhaps a little more expensive than other snacks but as they are good for you, large in size and filling plus a great way to convince the kids to eat their fruit, I would definitely buy these again.

You can find out more about the Cross & Blackwell range here:


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  2. These look great, My teenage daughter love's jelly but as she is veggie she can't normally have it as it's almost always made with gelatin. There's veggie alternatives but it's more expensive so not used by most companies. At last a veggie friendly Jelly!! Yay x x

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  4. Great review thanks! Great for this hot weather!

  5. Thanks for the review. Nice to know there is an easy peel lid. I'd have to give my kids a spoon though! LOL

  6. Havent seen this before, will look out for it though, looks nice


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