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25 June 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do... The Dog Edition

It would appear that we have found ourselves a new dog. He is small and cute, about 7 years old, and very obedient (thankfully). He likes to play fetch and is very well behaved on and off the lead.

Minxy has really enjoyed playing with him this past week...


What funny things have your little ones done this week?

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  1. I love that the dog looks stupefied, like "what the heck are they doing?!"

  2. PMSL! This is awesome :D x

  3. I didn't know obedient and 7 year old could be said in the same sentence ;) x

  4. Brilliant! My boys think its hilarious to play fetch with the wee girl... Although I blame their dad, he started it! This really made me smile :)


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