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06 June 2013

Reasons to be Happy

You're not from round here
The Mini Mes have settled back into school well after a fun packed half term of trips to the cinema, crafts, baking, seeing friends, playing at the arcades, eating out and more. We have made the most of the nice weather too and used the scooters to and from school each day - it makes the journey a lot quicker also!

Although sports day was cancelled it has been rescheduled for next week which the Mini Mes are excited about. Minxy is very much into running at the moment so she is doing quite a few long distance races. Jamster is still in KS1 so his races include the egg and spoon and funny outfit run. Fingers crossed for some certificates and stickers.

I booked tickets to the TT for next year as a surprise for the Mr. I left him this note in his lunchbox last week when he went to work to see if he could work it out.

He wasn't able to work it out so I had to tell him but the flower delivery I received was proof that he was pleased!
What reasons do you have to be cheerful this week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. *thick face* what is the TT?!

    Sounds like you had a fun & busy half term! x

  2. I love your r2bc, always so happy and positive. Julie, the TT is bike racing xx

  3. oohhh flowers, how nice. Its the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure, like spending time with the children.

  4. Ooh how lovely - very romantic! I do hope that your children are allowed a bit of competition in their sports day - mine aren't!

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  6. hahahahaha this is lovely,it's a shame he didn't figure it out!

  7. fab puzzle with the Tea bags - hee hee! All the best for the kids sports day. hoping for a sunny day this time xxx

  8. lol tea tea! I love the old sports day races like the egg and spoon races, our school doesn't do that :-(
    Sounds like a lovely week to be cheerful for x


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