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05 June 2013

Show Us Your Smile

Brushing your teeth isn't particularly exciting but we all understand that it's required for a healthy smile, apart from small children who will sometimes try to escape those important two minutes twice a day!

AXA PPP healthcare are focusing on early dental care this month and have some great ideas to encourage children when it comes to being responsible for their oral health.

You can download the Give Us a Smile PDF which is packed with handy tips and fun ideas for parents and also the Scorecard to help monitor the brushing of their teeth.

The scorecard is a great way to keep track of teeth brushing and provides a sense of achievement for your child when they complete the week and get a treat. Rewarding your child is a great incentive and something we often do. The apps list provided is also really useful, in particular Brush DJ, which plays 2 minutes of your favourite tunes while you clean your teeth.
If I were to provide a tip it would be to make teeth brushing routine. Doing the same task each day at a certain time or after a certain event e.g bath time or breakfast will help remind them when they need to do it. Also a character brush or having a radio nearby to make it a more enjoyable experience will encourage them.

Smiles from my home!

AXA PPP healthcare also a fantastic competition via Facebook where you and your family could win a years dental cover and a holiday to Barcelona! It's a fun giveaway where you are challenged to find smiles in every day objects and you simply have to upload a picture here:

There is also the opportunity to have your dental care questions answered by Dr Uchenna Okoye in a live chat on Wednesday 5th June 2013 between 4.30 - 5.30pm on the AXA PPP healthcare website.

How do you encourage your child to brush their teeth?

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