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18 June 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say And Do

What a cracking week it has been for funny conversations with the kids...

Jamster: Can you smell that?
Me: No...
Jamster: No? I bet they can smell that poo in Norway!

Me: Is Megan's mum pregnant do you know?
Minxy: No, I don't think so. She just eats way too much.

Jamster: You know boys should never hit girls?
Me: Yes...
Jamster: Well, if I pretend to be a girl chicken or dog for a minute can I smack Minxy as she is irritating me?!

The Mr: Love you sexy (as he leaves to walk the dog)
Me: Love you
Minxy: That is soooo completely rank

Minxy: If you don't like me just sell me on eBay then

What funny things have your little ones said?

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  1. hahaha!! Made me chuckle!
    I've considered selling my two on

  2. My favourite si the last one - loved this........... Fab post x

  3. This morning my little man put himself on the floor and said 'mummy i'm a mess... hoover me'! Had me in stitches!

  4. Hehee! My kids hate it when we say couply things ;)

  5. They are proper disgusted by public shows of emotion. We do it all the time specifically to make them cringe. It's a sport to see if you can trap them in the same room because they're washing the pots or something :D

  6. Love these, they sound SO familiar. If my husband and I kiss, our four year old says, 'Ewww! That's gross!' Funny how just an innocent little peck on the lips can leave you feeling so sordid and 'wrong' under the disapproving stare of a pre-schooler! Great post :)

  7. Oh, they are all brilliant - I could just see one of my boys coming out with the pregnancy one! And we have been known to threaten them with eBay...! #wotsofunee


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