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08 July 2013

Family Night In with £50

Nights out are always nice but these days you need to take out a small loan to cover the costs of taxis, food and drinks, tickets and of course the new outfit and shoes to wear... not forgetting the hassle of organising it all and arranging babysitters! I can have just as much fun at home with my family or friends over, and I don't need to break the bank in the process.

We were given £50 to take part in the MoneySupermarket’s Big Night In challenge and I decided to have a nice evening in with the Mr and Mini Mes (rather than a poker and cocktail night in with the girls, although it was a toss up between the two!).
Minxy and I enjoyed a face mask and some nail painting for a little girlie pampering...

We had a buffet style dinner with lots of fresh salad ideal for the warmer weather, which we enjoyed in the garden...

We picked up a bargain retro game for the X-Box for the boys to enjoy (although us girls joined in too)...

And we scoffed some sweet treats while watching a movie together on the sofa!
How would you spend £50 on a night in? 


  1. Angela Turton08/07/2013, 21:55

    Sounds like a perfect family night in! x

  2. We'd have a good steak, some films and French macaroons!

  3. A big fat steak and a chocolate pudding. Lots of bath pamper things and then a good dvd

  4. A big juicy Sirloin Steak cooked Medium Rare with chips, Garlic Mushrooms, Onion Rings and peas followed by a gooey Chocolate Pudding and cream and a great movie.

  5. Think we would have Fakeaway Cinema Night!! Make our own Pizza's, grab a couple of Disney films we either haven't seen (we seem to be running out!) Or a one we haven't seen in ages....some microwave popcorn and chips and dips. Close the curtain's, all snuggle into one sofa and stay there till our bums are numb!!! :)

  6. Lovely family fun night ;) xx

  7. Jane Middleton12/07/2013, 21:06

    I would buy a new family board game we can all play together


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