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09 July 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do

BAM! Your child says something completely random and inappropriate leaving you with sweaty palms, blushed cheeks and feeling more than a little awkward. Don't you just love it when that happens, especially when surrounded by other parents in a near silent environment?!...
Me neither!

Queueing up at the entrance to the year 2 classrooms the other morning, patiently waiting for the door to open....

Jamster: Mum, you know those really horny people?
Me: Ermmm I'm not sure what you mean... *eyes wide in horror*
Jamster: You know! Those people that are reallyyyy horny.
Me: I can't say I do, no. Explain what you mean a bit more for me.
Jamster: Those red people that have horns on their head.
Me: Devils?
Jamster: Yes, that's what I meant! Can I be one for Halloween this year?

Phew!! Huge sigh of relief.
Halloween on his mind in July though, he is planning ahead!

What funny things have your little ones said this week?



  1. lol omg i would of dropped through the floor with embarrassment lol

  2. OMG that's a classic. I remember once my youngest who is now 12 in the supermarket asking in his not so quiet voice could he have some 'wanking wheels'!!!!!! That would be wagon wheels to a normal person :) The shame LOL

  3. Haha, that's so funny! Devils are so horny, of course! :)

  4. Hee hee, I love that they wait until the most public place possible before they come out with these gems!

  5. Complete and utter classic! I love it when the kids do this and WE know the other meaning! They wonder why we panic! Love it :)

  6. Absolutely fab............. I bet a million thoughts/answers/questions were going through your head at that single moment. Short but sweet and one of my favourites this week. Popping over from #wotsofunee

  7. Brilliant - I would have died! Its always in front of other parents isn't it?!

  8. That's one of those unforgettable ones!! xx

  9. Haha I've been here before! I always feel the need to justify the "real" reason extra loudly as well. Thanks for linking up to #Chucklemums xx

  10. Ha ha brilliant! They always say these things at top bloody volume too, don't they?


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