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08 July 2013

How important are routines? Step-by-Step Explore with Dora

I've had a bedtime routine for the Mini Mes since they were newborns, keeping the same pattern each evening results in a peaceful nights sleep fro everyone! But with the sudden temperature rises they have become restless in the evenings and it's often been 10/11pm before they have settled to sleep... resulting in grumpy children the following day.


You can see leading child development expert Jacqueline Harding and the lovely Jess McGlynn from Catch a Single Thought today, as Nick Jr has launched their new campaign Step-by-Step Explore with Dora to help parents navigate key development stages and teach their children key skills including keeping a routine and the importance of doing so.

Show details:

How important are routines for children?

How to implement beneficial routines for your little ones and what to do if they don’t take to them immediately

Show date: 8th July

Show time: 12pm

Whether your child or children should have a routine or not is an age old debate amongst parents. Do children flourish under a clear routine or do you think it’s better to follow your child’s own natural rhythm and let them take the lead?

Although predictability can be viewed as monotonous for adults, many parents believe that children flourish on repetition. Providing routines can also help kids deal with change. However some parents prefer to adopt a more varied attitude.

How do you strike the balance between child-led activities and consistency? What do you do if your child doesn’t take to a routine? Do you feel like a failure if your kids don’t follow the routine you’re trying to implement? At what age is having a routine most important?

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How important are routines to you?



  1. quite important to me. they gave me confidence i was doing the right thing and also loved to know when i could have some spare time!

  2. Haha love how you sent in a question that had everyone stuck! xx


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