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09 July 2013

How to Create a More Relaxing Environment in your Home

FengShui is a Chinese practice which is believed to alleviate stress levels. The term FengShui comes from the Chinese words ‘wind’ and ‘water’, and the art of FengShui brings balance and harmony, or ‘chi’ to the energy within an environment, whether that is an office, home or garden. FengShui is believed to help with health problems as well as stress levels and whilst some aspects of the art can be confusing to learn, there are some stepping stones which are very easy to follow when thinking about bringing FengShui to your home.

Directions have meanings
First of all you have to understand that FengShui puts a focus on the compass and each direction holds a different meaning: north is career; north east, wisdom, knowledge and studies; east, health and family; south east, wealth; south, fame; southwest, relationships; west, creativity and children; north west, mentors and spirit guides. When trying to FengShui your home you are best to choose the areas which will have the biggest impact on the part of your lifestyle you wish to change, for example if you feel you are stuck in a rut at work and want to progress you can concentrate on the FengShui of the area in the north of your house.

Rearrange the furniture
The energy, or chi, in a room needs to flow freely and this can be helped by rearranging furniture to allow for a continuous circular direction to the physical flow in the room, rather than zig-zagging around the furniture. In every room you spend a long amount of time in you should make sure that the door is within sight of the place you will be positioned, so in the bedroom your door should be visible from your place in bed and in the living room or study you should have the sofa and chair for your desk within the view of the door rather than behind it. In addition to this it is claimed that having bookshelves with open shelves opposite your bed or behind you as you study will have a negative impact on your life, encouraging others to talk about you behind your back.

Clear clutter
The chi in your home can be negatively affected by clutter, so before you do anything it is important to focus your own energy on removing this clutter. If you have things lying around they are likely to gather dust, which will stagnate the area So, pack them away, clear away clothes, the ironing board and hoover, and throw out, donate or sell your old DVDs, CDs, books and games which no longer get used.

Bring the outdoors in and reflect your chi
Having plants around the home will help increase the energy flow so make sure you keep fresh flowers around or chose plants which have evergreen qualities so that they are well maintained. Chi flow can be helped by implementing mirrors around your home, keeping it from escaping when you cannot avoid other possible energy stagnating factors.

These are just some of the starting points for FengShui and there are plenty more factors to consider including choosing the right colour for each room and placing crystals around your home for increase energy flow. However by following these tips you will make a start to creating a less stressful environment in your home.

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