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29 July 2013

Motivational and Meal Planning Monday

My scales need new batteries so I couldn't weigh in as usual but I shall continue how I began with calorie counting and extra exercise. I'm feeling fitter and my clothing feels a little looser so I must be doing something right anyway!

My motivation for the week...

This weeks menu...
Pizza and garlic bread
Sausage stuffed pasta with mascapone sauce
Chicken tikka masala with rice

We are away camping this week so all of the above will be cooked on the camping stove in the middle of a field! At the weekend we are child free and heading to Brighton so we will be eating out there.

What motivates you to exercise?
What's on your menu?

Have a great week!


  1. Wow! I would have no hope of cooking all that on a camping stove!? I did a roast dinner once, but that was a small electic stove lol x

  2. Ohh have a fab time camping!!

  3. Have a great time, looks like you are in for some delicious meals! x

  4. I have started exercise this week after a few photographs made me gasp in horror. I do the 30 day shred as it takes 20 minutes and that is literally all I can fit in.


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