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30 July 2013


I love finding bits of paper with little messages and drawings on from the Mini Mes. I'll admit they are usually requests for food or sucking up because they want something, but I still think their notes are lovely and I often pop one in their lunch box for them to read at school too.

They write me messages and post it under my bedroom door in the morning or, their favourite, post it into the bathroom while I'm on the toilet which isn't appreciated quite so much.

They play cafes, write out a menu for me and create order forms so they can ask what I would like for lunch. They then take over the entire kitchen, drag chairs over to the work surfaces and carry food around on trays while hanging a tea towel over the other arm. True butler style!

They play cinemas and bombard me with tickets then tell the poochie he isn't allowed in the lounge to watch the movie because he is under age!

They also write letters to the pets...

... which usually end up getting nibbled!

What funny things do your little ones do?

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Oh, lovely! I occasionally get a note from the 7yo, it makes my heart melt x

  3. That is just adorable! I can't wait until POD is writing. As Sara said it's just going to make me melt. She's only two and a half but that's beside the point! Great post Emma :)

  4. soooooo cute (Admit it - you really do love the notes passed to you whilst sitting on the loo!) lol

  5. They write Chiouwahwa notes to the hamster? (sorry I couldn't spell that!). These are the best parts of being a parent for me. Just precious!

  6. Awww that first letter brought a big grin to myself, how lovely to read even when they are after something ;) x


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