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30 July 2013

Pirate Treasure Party

Think of treasure chests filled with gold coins, pretty beaded jewellery in gem covered trinkets and eye patches galore; that pretty much sums up an amazing craft afternoon we had recently. 

We hosted a Pirate and Treasure themed party using several craft kits from Interplay and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time - I've never known the children to concentrate so hard yet have so much fun being creative!

The craft boxes were superb as they contained everything you need to entertain 6 children, even down to the paint and brushes. The materials were good quality and the instructions were easy to follow, it literally is a party in a box and has definitely taken away the fear of throwing a party at home!

I sorted all of the contents out and separated them into different piles to make it easy for the children to begin. There were even some great game ideas included within the box for added fun!

To get into the spirit the Mini Mes dressed up as did all of our little guests...

We got stuck straight in decorating and constructing our hats, money boxes and more and the results were quite impressive. The guests ranged from 2 to 9 years of age and everyone seemed to have a lovely time and have something nice to head home with....

We also made some themed food...

These pirate ship pizzas are simply baguettes cut in half then cut lengthways, covered in tomato puree and cheese. They were baked until golden brown and then sails (wooden skewers with paper flags) were adored to transform them into boats.

The fun didn't stop there as once the guest left we made a pirate fishing game.
We made rods with wooden skewers, ribbon and magnets and then creates our fish from card adding a paper clip to each so that the magnet would pick then up. The Mini Mes took it in turns to see how many fish they could collect in 30 seconds while say in tan empty bath wearing their costumes.

A simple yet cheap and entertaining activity!

You can purchase your own Interplay craft kits here:

Interplay pirates


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! I like your pirate ship pizzas too, what a fab idea.

  2. We had so much fun and looks like you lot did too - love the pizza boats and picture of all those lovely sparkly beads but where is the dog in his hat? xx

    1. It was quite blurred when enlarged unfortunately... May have to take another ;) x

  3. What a fun idea, looks like you all had loads of fun. Perfect for a rainy day in the summer hols.


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