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05 August 2013

Back to School - Top Tips

The summer holiday may have only just begun but being organised is the key to a stress-free return to school next month! 

Sainsbury's have taken the hassle away all term long with their high quality and great value easy-care school clothing, but hopefully my tips will help the transition in September go as smoothly as possible.

Buy your uniform as early as possible. You don't want to be searching for the right size and shade at the last minute, when stores are low on stock, and remember you will still need time to label everything too. Write a list of the items needed in advance so you don't forget anything and shop about for the best deals which includes your local supermarket. It's also a good idea to take advantage of the changing rooms and make sure everything fits properly!

Shoes are something you can leave until a little later on, especially as children's feet grow so quickly and they are one of the more expensive items you will require. Ensure you have both suitable school shoes and any footwear needed for sports which may be trainers or plimsolls. Get them fitted by staff in the store and wear them at home a few times to make sure they are comfortable - you don't want them rubbing and causing blisters!

You may be a little more relaxed with bed times and getting up over the summer but try to get back into the habit of setting an alarm for the last week so that everyone's body clock is back to normal. 
You don't want to be dragging sleepy and grumpy children to school on the first day or arriving late.

Plan your route. If you have had little ones at school for a few years already you will know how long the school run takes and when to leave home. If you have children starting school for the first time though it's a good idea to have a practise walk or drive to see how long the journey takes and add a few minutes on for parking or delays just in case.

Although stationery is mandatory for some children and it's often nice to pick out themed pencil cases and colours, don't buy them if they aren't needed. Smaller children, those in reception and year 1 in particular, may not need them so check with the school and save the money for an extra trip out over the summer instead. 

Children often opt for backpacks and lunch boxes with their favourite characters but make sure that they are practical for carrying their things in. Are they large enough to hold everything? Is there space for a water bottle? Think ahead so nothing gets squished come September.

What tips do you have for going back to school?

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  1. Invest in some of those Iron free shirts - they really do work!! :)


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