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06 August 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do... Crafts

I regularly get the craft boxes out for the Mini Mes to be creative, usually when the weather is miserable to keep them occupied, and we often attend free craft events over the summer at the local leisure centre and churches.

While away last week we went to Chatsworth House and as the rain poured down we made shelter in the barn where they too had some great craft activities to keep little ones busy, until the sun reappeared.

First of all the Mini Mes coloured and cut out some glasses which I think reminded them of the cute yellow Minions of Despicable Me that they are currently obsessed with!

They even had left handed scissors available there which was great for my little lefties.

Minxy then decided to pick up some small envelopes which contained the materials to make some whales, so her and Jamster (and the Mr!) got stuck in.

Her finished whale was really sweet....

Until she opened it up and showed me the heart, blood and guts she had added using the red tissue paper...

That combined with her facial expression made me giggle!
She is definitely creative.

What funny things has your little one made?

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  1. That's hilarious - wasn't expecting that! Love the look on her face, it's nice to see she's getting stuck in :)

  2. Haha! Looks like something my son would have done. His nursery teacher called me in the one day as he'd drawn his baby brother "taking a poop in his nappy" - and then drew the contents. What was I supposed to say? All I could do was laugh!

  3. Haha, very realist in her art! Love it :)

  4. Brilliant. Looks like loads of fun :-) #magicmoments

  5. Gross! A science lesson as well as a craft one!

  6. 2 birds one stone there!! i love her face pulling xx

  7. thanks for linking this up with #MagicMoments its fantastic x

  8. Ha ha, Brilliant!

  9. Thanks for that - made me smile! My kids love their crafts and get so engrossed that they little tongue waggle from side to side (take after Dad for that lol!)

  10. Haha oh bless! Never go inside the mind of a child, it is a scary place! Thanks for sharing with #chucklemums :)

  11. Sometimes the funnest days are when you are rained in I think! Looks like she had a good time.I love her anatomically correct whale ❤


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