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13 August 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do... Woodlice and Harry Potter

Going through the Mini Mes school bags at the end of term I found pencil cases with half of the pens now missing, notebooks with doodles all over them and quite a few pieces of work that they had done during the year scrunched up into balls to bring home on the last day!

Having unfolded them for a peek into their lives behind the gates with their teachers, I found myself having a little giggle at some of the things they had written (and drawn!)...

Under this woodlouse picture Jamster had written;

Appearance: They look a bit like big ants, they have hard shells and big eyes.

Diet: Woodlice like to eat wood. That's where they got their name from. If they lived near the seaside their favourite food would be seaweed.

Habitat: They live in logs, stones and damp leaves.

I don't think David Attenborough needs to worry just yet!

I also found Jamster's thoughts on Harry Potter, but I think he may have recalled the movies slightly different

to how I remember...

When I entered the castle I had to make my breakfast myself and I had a hot chocolate.

When I was cooking in the kitchen I called Ron and I said "I'm making hot chocolates for all of you". When I touched the door it will open!

The next few weeks fly by.

Ron wanted to know where my pigeon was. I was already in my quidditch clothes ready to play quidditch but my quidditch broom was being wicked!

I'm back at Hogwarts where I nearly got killed in the quidditch game "Ron, do you think I can go back to the quidditch game?" Only time will tell!

Sounds like a movie box office hit, don't you think?!

What funny things has your little one created at school?

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  1. lol lol i love it!! i think there are some really ingenious plots there!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  2. They sound so adorable.
    Sounds like you would have lots of material for #SaidItSaturday which I am launching this Saturday xx

  3. Omg thats fab! I run a rainbows group and love the things the kids say to me. May have to link up come september! I especially love the woodlouse bit as my brother when he was a similar age to Jamster, now 18, used to pretend he was a woodlouse by laying on his back wiggling his little legs in the air! I brought him a cuddly one for his birthday a few years back!

  4. Ahhh bless! I am a qualified and experienced primary school teacher and I loved it!!! Kids have so much imagination and I was forever smiling at what they would say, write or draw!!!!

  5. I'm loving the Harry Potter plot! I used to be a bugger for hiding stuff in my bag like that - what a fab drawing of a wood louse :)

  6. Moments like this are why I love teaching - I crack up marking work sometimes!

  7. awww xx

  8. Awwww, bless. That woodlouce pic is better than any of my drawings!! Hehe. Nicola X

  9. I used to collect woodlice in a little tupperware filled with bits of wood and leaves, sometimes I would add other garden beasties so they could all play together.

    That was how I learnt that snails were carnivorous. *Cries*

    Lovely post. :D

  10. Oooh yes that plot has the makings of a blockbuster! Maybe the villain could be the giant woodlouse!


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