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17 September 2013

An Evening at Red Hot World Buffet

I was delighted to be selected as a Tastemaker earlier this year, giving me the opportunity to try delicious cuisines all under one roof; Red Hot World Buffet. I scheduled a meal as soon as possible, selecting a Wednesday when the Mr and I are child-free, to enjoy some quality couple time with some quality food. Who doesn't enjoy a night away from the dirty dishes!?

We were shown to our table and I headed straight for the cocktail menu, I thought it was only right to make the most of the night with a few alcoholic beverages. While the lovely waitress fetched our drinks we made our way to the wide selection of salads, sushi and starters to begin.

What I love about Red Hot is that you can help yourself to as much or as little as your like, when you want, for a set price. You don't wait to be served you simply grab a plate and top up on whatever you fancy. 

For my first plate I chose:
Buffalo Cheese and plum tomato with basil pesto
Chicken tikka
Sheekh kebab
Chicken pizza
Chilli Chicken

Everything tasted fresh, the salad was juicy and crisp, and the chilli chicken, with quite a kick, has become an all time favourite of mine. It was nice to see staff checking dishes regularly and topping them up when necessary and the signs indicating which were vegetarian and gluten free.

Once finished I left my plate at my table to be collected while I picked up another and filled it with my main courses.

Beef with black pepper sauce
Pilau rice
Chicken korma
Chicken tikka masala

Being able to choose from a large buffet is a great way to try new foods and I like being able to mix different flavours and dishes from various countries all on one plate. There are over 300 to choose from!
As well as the main courses on display you can have meals cooked for you freshly on the live counters which includes fish, pasta and chargrilled items. I'm yet to try these but the ones that I saw being served look lovely.

There are plenty of sides to go with your meals with pakoras, bhajis, naan bread and prawn crackers being just a few we chose during our visit. 

Moving onto dessert, despite feeling full, my sweet tooth kicked in and I placed a variety of treats onto my plate to sample.

I dived into the chocolate fountain, holding my bowl of ice cream under the flow, and added a few sweeties on top too. I tried a strawberry mousse, chocolate brownies and cheesecake which were all perfectly proportioned. I wasn't keen on the baked mango yogurt due to the texture but bar that I thoroughly enjoyed my pudding. The Mr chose a healthier option of melon but I decided against that on this occasion as I wanted to indulge a little.

I look forward to returning to Red Hot soon, with the Mini Mes too!

You can book your table here:

*I received a complimentary meal for two including drinks as a Red Hot Tastemaker. The opinions given are still honest and my own*



  1. The sweet selection look fantastic.

  2. Ohh wow! The food looks fantastic!!
    I wish there was one near to me!!

  3. Wow - The selection looks fantastic!

  4. Ohhh those sweets - scrumdiddliumptious!

  5. i love restaurants like that. Its a good place to take kids to try different flavours and have a bit of a treat.

  6. Shame we havent got one of these restaurants near us, looks fantastic

  7. all my friends have been here so I would love to go and my kids would love it also

  8. I have never tried this buffett but it does sound delicious.


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