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17 September 2013

Thank You Cards from PaperShaker

Teaching children to be polite and to use their manners is an essential part of parenting, so I like to ensure that the Mini Mes always say thank you to those that send them gifts for special occasions. With Christmas and birthdays fast approaching I was pleased to be approached by PaperShaker providing the opportunity to review some of their beautifully designed cards.

From first glance at the website I did assume it wouldn't be for me as it appears to be based around weddings and birth announcements with stationery coming soon, but as each card can be customised with ease I was able to create cards for pretty much anything I wanted! 

There is the option to filter the designs by gender, colour, format, style and photo upload so it makes picking one to suit your needs quick and easy. The site was simple to navigate and I was able to adapt two themes in to thank you cards for each of the children in just a few minutes.

I selected Vintage Pin Print for Jamster from the range of baby thank you cards and modified it with little hassle to match my requirements - I uploaded his photo, altered the background from nappy pins and edited the text. You don't even need to be tech savvy to do it and from only 75p a card they are affordable! 


Next I created a set for Minxy opting for To Me to Whoo as I was drawn in by the pretty pink shades and cute characters. Again I was able to edit the design to exactly how I wanted it, adding an extra mouse and owl on the back too.

You can purchase just 1 individual card if you wish but there is the option to get them in packs of 10 - 250. 
Each comes complete with envelopes.

Delivery was very quick with the cards arriving less than 48 hours after my order was made. Each card was vibrant and printed on high quality card -  I was really pleased with the service and product. 
My photography doesn't do them justice.

Being able to insert a message to the reverse means after special events, when presents are received from loved ones, we can pop a card into an envelope instantly without the delay of writing them. This makes them particularly good for busy new parents or working mums and dads as it saves a great deal of time. 
It's also handy if children aren't always keen on writing lots of cards in one sitting!

You can receive a 25% discount on your order until 6th October with code MINIME at the checkout 

You can find PaperShaker on Twitter and Instagram: @PaperShakerUK 

Do you send thank you cards?

*Sponsored review. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. Thank you for the discount! I might order some cards then!

  2. will look into this thanks

  3. Gorgeous cards. I think it's important to send thank you cards, it's just manners :)

  4. Looks fab, will give them a go :-) x

  5. I like the ability to customise.

  6. Love them and as prwilson said, the personalization finishes them off nicely

  7. I came to this blog throug the Rayman giveaway, but what a wonderful blog, with great ideas for all kinds of creativity. Will definitely follow future posts!

  8. what a good product - I am always looking for decent thank you cards.xx

  9. Really good idea. I'll be needing some soon.

  10. These look fantastic! may well give them a try for Thank You cards after Christmas.

  11. Thank you cards are very important as many people tend to forget to thank nowadays. These look great

  12. Followed on Bloglovin Judi P Luscombe

  13. I've seen these advertised.

  14. Aw thats a lovely idea, we love thankyou cards :)

  15. I like my children to send thank you cards and, with all their birthdays close together, I try to get them done as soon as possible so that those which require posting can go in one envelope. When I first looked at these cards, I thought that it would be cheaper to make my own, but with the quality of these cards and the envelopes, they are a really good idea.

  16. The cards looks so easy to customised and would be very good for Christmas presents etc.


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