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15 September 2021

Caring for Wildlife in Autumn and Winter

As the summer fades away and autumn returns, it's a nice idea to think about how the wildlife in your gardens will cope. Food can become scarce as the weather cools so by taking just a few minutes to care for the birds and other creatures it will not only help them to survive but it can be a great way for little ones to learn about caring for animals too! 

You can make fatballs of your own as a source of food or purchase bird feeders for just a few pounds. Try to ensure that they are in a location where birds can access them with ease, without the risk of attack from cats and don't place them too close to windows. Keep them topped up all season and clean or replace them when necessary as a damaged feeder can cause injury. 

Leaves can leave your garden looking untidy but they are a great place for insects to hide in. Try to avoid sweeping them away if you can but watch out as they can be slippy. If you do remove them then be cautious of the wildlife that could be living within them.

If you don't have a bird bath it may be time to invest in one and fill it with fresh water. Children will love to watch birds clean themselves and drink, especially those robins that will be appearing soon! Just keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn't freeze over when the ice and snow hit. 

Plants that provide berries bring a splash of colour to your garden and are perfect to feed birds. Just make sure little ones know not to touch them as they can be poisonous.

If you've seen hedgehogs in the neighbourhood you could invest in a hedgehog house for them to help ensure they make it through to spring. You can make them cheaply with wood or purchase one. Try to opt for one with different sections for added protection. 

How do you help the wildlife at home?

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  1. We have bird feeders that we hang on the tree, we tend not to put bread or anything out for them as we get quite a lot of foxes in the area.

  2. Fab post! We have a birdfeeder too...We don't get many birds around though thanks to next doors cat which is always hovering about outside!

  3. we have quite a few birds that come everyday we feed them daily and we have an over grown part of the garden where a lovely fox is and does not seem bothered by any of our other animals.

  4. We put fat balls out for the birds and also have a tall feeder which we've put out of the way of the local cats.

  5. I don't have anything in my garden yet but plan to get a bird table & feeder! :) x

  6. My Grandparents used to have a feeder and bird bath and it was lovely to see the same birds coming back daily. There was one who had a poorly foot, they named it and loved watching her. It's not something I've thought of doing in my own garden to be honest but I think the children would love it so perhaps I should add it to my Autumn Bucket List!

  7. I am all for helping the wildlife! I however would not encourage the birds into my garden as I have 2 naughty and mischievous cats!

  8. We don't have a garden but we make a homemade feeder for grandads

  9. It is undisturbed by the worries and fears of its lesser siblings. species protection


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