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25 September 2013


As the children have grown up they have turned away from the camera and snapping a picture of them is near impossible without some form of bribery! Considering I love photography, even if I'm far from perfect at it, it makes my life a little difficult when I want a nice pose from them.

It usually results in photos like these...

The Fake Grin
Mum asked me to smile so I'll give her a smile. OTT style.
This could also be mistaken for a constipated giraffe impression.

The Look of Disgust
She hasn't just ridden through something foul on her scooter but her expression would say otherwise.

The Photo Bomb
They don't like photos being taken of them unless it involves ruining a photo of someone else.

The Sigh Face
You can just tell how happy she is to have her picture taken here to the extent you can almost hear her sigh and constant tutting.

There is one little fella who will always sit nicely when the camera comes out though...

The Posing Pooch

How hard do you find it to get photos of the kids?



  1. I've got so many photos like this! It gets worse as they get older too I've got ones mid eye roll with a 'really?' expression, at least you can rely on your pooch :-)

  2. It is certainly getting harder! I'm getting a lot of the fake grins and silly faces, plus a fair amount of running away from the camera!

  3. I know what you mean, I have to catch them unawares! I do find that the very first photo I take in a set is generally the best - before the smiles become fixed grins :) We get a lot of cheesy grins like the ones of your boy :) They make me smile though - I can almost hear the 'cheeeeese'!

  4. I can relate to the bribery! My eldest hates his picture taken lol.
    Lovely pics x

  5. My son Riley is the master of the fake smile lol it's so frustrating when you just want a nice photo :) xx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  6. I absolutely love that photobomb!

  7. Hehe the photobomb is very cute but I love the posing pooch!!

  8. Sienna never lets me take a good picture of her! But she is quite young, she doesn't quite understand lol!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

  9. Hehehe, I recognise the giraffe grin, I get that one a lot from my son! The sigh face is to come soon I think.

  10. Very cute, even if they are don't take my photo faces :-)

  11. I get the over the top grins ALOT these days and hands on the hips from Madam. Minxy can't help looking incredibly beautiful whatever face she pulls! xx

  12. ha ha I can always tell a fake smile too. I much prefer photos taken randomly as they capture true feelings. We have tried having a few family portraits done together but I always feel the smiles look put on because we are asked to smile or 'say cheese' for the photographer.

  13. Really hard! I hate fake smiles and trying to take all of them together is near impossible!


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